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About Coach Nicole

Nicole Adams (formerly Gilinsky), PhD earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and her PhD in Educational Psychology (specializing in Sport Psychology) from Texas Tech University, 2010. Nicole has coached endurance athletes in triathlon, cycling, and running for over six years. She continues to develop her skills and knowledge in this field by attending conferences and continuing education seminars. Nicole holds certifications as a USAT Level 1 Coach, a USAC Level 3 Coach, and a Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP). Nicole is an avid athlete herself, training and racing in triathlon and running. She has completed 11 Iron distance triathlons and many half Iron races. She achieved USAT All American status in 2018 and looks forward to continuing to race for many years to come.


Our Mission and Philosophy

Athlete-Centered Coaching

Our mission at Top Line Triathlon is to work with you, the athlete, to achieve your top athletic potential in balance with your health and life goals.

Our philosophy of coaching at TLT is that enjoyment leads to optimal performance. When planning training, our approach is to maximize an athlete's enjoyment while applying appropriate amounts of challenge in order to see performance gains. We understand that appropriate challenge and consistency in training are required in order to see fitness gains which, in turn, enhance enjoyment! Our coaching programs are built on empirically based exercise physiology principles and tailored to each client's individual goals. We tailor your training plan to put you on the path to long-term success and to fit with your lifestyle. 

We understand that athletes maintain busy family, work, and personal lives. Therefore, we ensure that your plan fits with each of the components of your life with the aim to achieve a healthy balance among them.

Our coaching programs are designed with both a macro- and micro-cycle structure, leading you through the appropriate phases of training stimulus, recovery, and adaptation. These phases are designed with your race goals in mind to ensure that you are at peak physiological condition at the time of your goal event(s). Our programs are tailored to your background, level of skill, and experience in endurance sports. Throughout the course of your training, Nicole will work with you to analyze your progress. We will interact daily in order to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit from your training.

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Top Line Coaching

Consistency, repeatability, progression

Our coaching is based on the principles of consistency, repeatability, and progression. As a new athlete, you will complete a questionnaire detailing your fitness history and health background as well as your season goals. After a phone or video conference discussion, Nicole will create an individualized, monthly (4-week) training plan that places you in the best position to accomplish your triathlon and endurance sport goals. The plan is created with flexibility to accommodate athletes’ life events and scheduling needs but also emphasizes a planned progression in applied training stress.  Nicole reviews your workouts daily and provides feedback via email or TrainingPeaks workouts commenting. Nicole also reviews your long range fitness development using key training metrics and subjective feedback.