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Catch up on the latest news and tips from Top Line Triathlon!
Below I share the latest news from TLT athletes races to developments and research in exercise physiology and mental coaching. I also provide quick tips for training and racing to help you achieve your optimal performance.

IM WI 2019

TLT October News

Our October newsletter reported on Lubbock athletes racing at Ironman (r) Wisconsin and TLT athletes' success in triathlon and running. In our feature article, we discuss the importance of recovery and planned down time in your annual training plan.

TLT September News

West Texas enjoyed a very hot late summer. With many athletes training for later season races, we were "enjoying" the challenge of staying hydrated and fueled through some of the longest training days we had on tap. Our September newsletter includes a feature article on heat management for endurance athletes.


TLT Summer News

TLT's first newsletter includes an update on the local triathlon scene from summer 2019. For the first time, Ironman (r)  Lubbock 70.3 was held in town and Top Line Tri and Flat Out Tri athletes pitched in to volunteer at T1/T2 check in among many other jobs! I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity with your time and energy. Your smiles and welcoming faces were an asset to this race!

CNS Newsletter Archives

Have you recently joined us as a new athlete or are you looking for older newsletters we have published? You have come to the right place! Coaches Jamie Cooper and Nicole Adams have written many informative newsletters, including feature articles on training and nutrition as well as highlights of our athletes' racing. Select the link below to see archived newsletters with great information you can use!


How to Cope with Heat

In our part of the country, we have had a steaming hot late summer and temps look to be staying high for a while. How can you ensure you are adequately prepared to train and race in hot conditions?  Heat acclimation, appropriate hydration, and fueling strategies. Give yourself at least 14 days of heat exposure to allow your body to acclimate to being active in the heat. Start with easy, short sessions and gradually increase time as your body adapts.  Ensure you are consuming appropriate amounts of fluids, sodium and, carbohydrates. A great way to get a gauge of your needs is to perform several sweat trials in similar conditions to what you will race in. Next, experiment often in training with increasing amounts of fluids and sodium to see how your body reacts. For further reading, visit Korey Stringer Institute.

How to Stay Calm on Race Weekend

Sometimes it seems like no matter how well prepared we are with our training, race weekend brings a level of anxiety and uncertainty that tests our emotional stability. By being prepared in advance with your supplies and logistics, you can prevent many of the last minute melt downs with these tips:

  1. Bike tune up: get your bike into the shop for a FULL work up 2 weeks in advance of leaving for your race.

  2. Nutrition needs: purchase all of your race foods, drinks, and supplements 2 weeks in advance.

  3. Other items to have on hand: new goggles, spare flip flops, enough bottles to carry on your bike and for special needs (Iron distance), spare nutrition for special needs.

  4. Electronics: charging cables for all devices, spare batteries if necessary, electrical tape, and scissors.

Stay tuned for a full race packing list in a future tips feature.